Colorful Art Building|Square box – container build countryard Hotel

With the development and progress of society, people’s environmental awareness and the concept of waste recycling are getting stronger and stronger.
Therefore, hotels, houses, restaurants, cafes, etc. transformed by second-hand shipping boxes are increasingly being applied to reality.
The house transformed by the shipping box has a very design sense, and the visual impact of the color mix adds a touch of bright colors, providing us with more choices. Individuals, families, and businesses can each take what they want, made of a steel box. The house can also be full of fashion, and at the same time integrate well into the natural environment.

PACKO HOSTEL is located in the beautiful bay area of da nang, Vietnam. It has convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. From a distance, it looks like art works made of colorful boxes.

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PACKO HOSTEL is a two-storey building built around a central courtyard, with a concrete foundation and a steel frame for support.

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At first glance, it seems to be a combination of many containers. In fact, PACKO HOSTEL is a mix of containers and “fake” containers (steel frame modular building). This design is conducive to saving construction costs and maintaining the integrity of architectural modeling.

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